Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Showcase and new packaging!

I've been somewhat skeptical of the benefits of showcasing my items on Etsy, but yesterday I decided to try it and booked a slot for today. I have to admit, my heart skips a beat when I see my little catnip toy at the top of the Pets section.

I did notice that one new person had marked me as a favorite this morning. I also updated my shipping options to indicate that I now ship internationally, so I'm hoping some of my fellow Etsians living overseas who, according to Google Analytics, have been visiting my shop can make a purchase.

Wish me luck!

I also just got my new stickers and business cards in the mail, so here are some pictures of what they toys will look like in their packaging:

Here is a closeup of the label. The paper is from a recycled comic book. I plan to only use recycled materials for the toppers. I drew the image that appears on the sticker and I hand wrote the text.

Here is a close up of the toy in the bag. I am including a business card with each toy.

I am also including a Heart Felt Wool button witch each toy. The image is an embroidered heart, and the URL for my Etsy shop is printed around the lip. You can also see the back of my business card. I got them from www.moo.com so each card has a full color photo of one of my creations on the back.

Who knows. Maybe now that I have packaging for the toys, perhaps I could take some to local shops downtown and see if I could pique interest and consign my toys.

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