Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Walk Through My Garden

Every year I like to walk through my garden and photograph the plants that managed to survive. In the spring I organize my seeds, start them indoors, transplant them and care for them lovingly through the first weeks of summer, but I gradually lose my zeal and some of the plants (the most fragile ones) can suffer for it.

Here we have some potted herbs for my rabbits. It's basically their snack garden. I come out in the backyard every few days and snip a few choice herb sprigs for them to snack on. Bernie loves basil, and all three of the rabbits love parsley. This was actually the first year I was able to grow and harvest a sustainable amount of parsley.

This is a Mexican Sunflower growing in a pot on my patio. These things are as tough as nails; I cannot believe I didn't kill them. I am definitely going to grow them again next year.

I also grew a few pots of random wildflower mixes, which grew very well. I honestly can't identify any of the flowers except for the Bachelor's Buttons that are growing in one of the pots. They brought in a nice amount of bees and butterflies, which was nice because these pots are surrounding the vegetable garden.

Adam's favorite: red peppers. They're not red yet, but they're getting pretty large! Most of my pepper plants only have one pepper each, but this poor little guy is struggling to support three big peppers.

Before this year I had never grown green beans. I can't believe how easy they are to grow! I didn't start them indoors. I just shoveled a little trench, tossed in some seeds and covered them up. What a surprise a couple weeks ago when I looked under a bean bush and found a modest harvest waiting for me!

I am growing several pumpkin plants. These two plants are Blue Moon pumpkins, which are a novelty, blue-colored pumpkin that supposedly are good to eat as well as carve. Right now they are taking over the backyard bench. For those of you who have actually seen my backyard, you'll probably assume this doesn't bother me too much.

A bee loading up on pollen from my first open sunflower. I can't wait to dry the seeds!

Here is a photo Adam took of me watering the garden. I love the above ground system our landlords built when they lived here. The fencing I installed this year did a much better job of keeping the rabbits out. Now the only thing I'll have to worry about is the squirrels harvesting my peppers for me like they did last year!

Thanks for reading! I had fun putting the photos together. I hope everyone has good luck with their gardens this year. May you all have abundant harvests.

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