Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shout Out: M. Patrizio

I'm like most etsy sellers. I have a favorites list a mile long and I follow many artisan's blogs. However, there are certain shops that stand apart. These are the shops that I find myself compelled to revisit, curious to see what the artist is up to. They inspire others to innovate by consistently creating exciting new items. I hope to occasionally share some of these shops with you so that you can check them out to! I hope some of them inspire you the way they have inspired me.

M. Patrizio
Mariyn Patrizio's shop caught my attention several months ago when she updated her storefront with a menagerie of accessories for her Timmie doll, a crocheted green amphibian who fits somewhere on the development spectrum between a tadpole and a frog. She also sells adorable notepads, stickers, t-shirts, cards, and a variety of other crocheted creations, but Timmie has always stood out to me as something special. I think it's his impressive wardrobe full of unique accessories. Who can resist?
What I love about her work is that her crocheted creations take on a personality of their own. With his simple face and blank expression, a number of ideas can be projected onto Timmie. He is the perfect canvas for accessories, but even alone his thin-lipped expression connotes emotion.

I hope that you find M. Patrizio and her work as interesting as I do. As a person who runs a small online business, I also find her blog and website to great examples of quality web publications.

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